mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Scott Campbell's Eggshells

Scott Campbell is an heavy talented artist (and tatoo artist) from NYC.
I first saw his work at The Flat - Massimo Carasi in Milan, for the exhibition The Occult Show in 2008.
About his new body of works on eggshells he says: " The eggs came about pretty naturally. The first one I made was for a gift. I spent hours drawing on the inside of an egg shell and then glued the pieces back together, smoothing over all the cracks. The result was a perfect egg with a painstakingly detailed drawing hidden inside. I really liked the idea of someone breaking it to see the drawing inside. There was an amazing tension in realizing that by breaking the egg, they've shattered something that I had obviously labored over for hours. I guess it gives a nod to the notion that sometimes our enjoyment of a thing inevitably destroys it."
If you're so lucky to be in LA you can feed your eyes with his solo show Noblesse Oblige at Oh Wow til 22nd of April...Enjoy...

Scott Campbell
2011 Graphite on ostrich eggshell

© Scott Campbell

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