venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

I want to be a child again, just to grow up in one of her paintings...

Kris Chau’s lines are elegant and clearly feminine. Graceful girls, whose clothes seem to move delicately in the wind, contrast with portraits full of irony about female life after the so-called emancipation. The intricate details and lines recollect some younger works by Andy Warhol...

Kris Chau was born on the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu and now currently resides in the city of Philadelphia. She dreams and draws girls all day long and often mistakes her paint water for her coffee. She will continue to draw till she can’t draw no more.

Selected exhibitions:

"Not For Nothing", Group show with Ben Woodward and AJ Fosik, Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milan September 15th-November 6th 2010

“Work to Work” Solo show of new works Urban Outfitters Gallery 543, Philadelphia June 9th - July 10th 2010

“Draw Show” Traveling group show Fuse Gallery, New York Museo De La Cuidad Mexico, Mexico

“PuppyFace: New Work from my Brain” Topstitch Gallery Boutique, Philadelphia Feb 9th - March 28th 2010

“Game Over” Group Show Giant Robot SF, March 2010

“Ma Vie En Rose” Group Show Kris Chau, Kime Buzelli, Derek Ihnat, Jess Schnabel Ambrella Sugary Sweet Gallery, Philadelphia, 2009;

“Talk Story” Solo show of new works, Rowan Morrison Gallery, Oakland 2008

“Plaits and Fringe” Project Room Solo show of new works Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles 2008.

giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

Rabbits all around...

Just runned in these beautiful rabbits by Beau Buck that were in a show at URBN 543 Gallery in Philly.
Since it's the year of the Rabbit, i just wanted to celerate it with some art!

Price range is from 348$ to 548$, they still have some at the gallery, just write to Lauren Addis and ask for them.